Tequila Tequila Tequila

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I love writing and talking about tequila.
It's my favorite spirit to drink straight as a shot
Below is my 2017 top 10 Tequila Choices

1. Don Julio 1942 (Anejo) - This is one of the best tequilas produced. Aged in oak barrels for over one year, the tequila has a natural golden brown color and an exceptionally smooth taste.

2. Clase Azul (Reposado) - 100% Blue Agave. Complex aromas of cream soda, spice, caramel and earthy agave. A long sweet finish.

3. Jose Cuervo De la Familiar - This tequila is beyond smooth, maybe because its aged 3 time longer than any regular Anjeo Tequilas!

4. Casa Noble Anejo 2 yr - This exquisite tequila is matured in French White Oak barrels and extra aged to perfection and produced in limitied production.

5. Maestro Dobel Dimaond Tequila (Blend) - Made from a blend of Reposado, Anejo and extra Anejo Tequila's. This is then married in new Balkan oak barrels for 60 to 120 days. Simply smooth the best!

6. Corzo Silver Tequila (Blanco) - A fresh seductive fragrance that includes scents of cucumber, agave pulp, fennel, pine, coriander, and mint. The palate entry is smooth and with agave notes.

7. Casamigos (Blanco) - 100% Blue Weber Agave which is grown in the rich, red clay and cool climate of Jalisco Highlands of Mexico. Formally owned by George Clooney, sold for 1 billion.

8. Roca Patrón Silver Tequila - Distilled twice & finished at 90 proof to create a crisp, robust tequila with notes of sweet agave.

9. El Mayor(Anejo) - Double gold medal winner in SF World Spirits Competition 2017. From Jalisco, MX

10. Alacran (Anejo) - Voted best Extra Anejo in the SF World Spirits Competition 2017. From Jalisco, MX