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Height: 6'2
Origin: Australia
Bio: Charismatic Australian with charm to spare and well trained in mixology.


Height: 6'0
Origin: Caracas, Venezuela
Bio: Fitness model & former Abbey bartender. Unique personality, always provides excellent service.


Height: 5'11
Origin: South Europe
Bio: A kind hearted model bartender with a good dose of European charm.


Height: 5'10"
Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Bio: Acting, Photography, Music and Bartending, the party never stops!.


Height: 6'0
Origin: Texas
Bio: A delightful bartender, fluent in Spanish and a margarita specialist.


Height: 6'2
Origin: Australia
Bio: Friendly international model with a great personality and positive atttude.


Height: 5'11
Bio: Singer, guitarist, actor and all around talented bartender.


Height: 6'0
Origin: Santa Barbara
Bio: Active, outgoing and an overall fun personality. Enjoys engaging with guests through his great service.


Height: 6"2
Origin: Sweden
Bio: Swiss Model & Actor. One of our favorites, positive and fun attitude.

Ross C

Height: 5’11
Origin: New York
Bio: Outgoing professional model that loves working with people.


Height: 6’1
Origin: Wisconsin
Bio: Educated, athletic, personable, & a well-trained mixologist. Always smiling.


Height: 5'11
Origin: Laguna Beach
Bio: Intelligent, outgoing and hardworking actor/model that gets great reviews.


Height: 5"10
Origin: Persian/Croatian
Bio: Full of unique character and charm. Brings life to every party he attends!

Bartender is los angeles.jpg


Height: 6'2
Origin: Los Angeles
Bio: Very outgoing with a passion for making his clients laugh and have a good time.


Height: 6'1
Origin: Australia
Bio: A fun and talented mixologist/model. Also a drive entrepreneur and skilled UAV pilot.


Height: 5'10
Origin: Dallas, TX
Bio: Top-notch bartender and well-known actor with a personality to match.


Height: 6’0
Origin: CA
Bio: A very hard worker with an outgoing and engaging personality. Always smiling and bringing good vibes.

Diego H

Height: 5’11
Origin: Long Beach
Bio: Friendly, outgoing, & hardworking. Perfect addition to any party.


Height: 5'10
Origin: San Francisco
Bio: Social, charming and skilled bartender. Catch him if you can!



Height: 5'11
Origin: LA
Bio: Fun, experienced bartender trained in mixology and craft cocktails.


Height: 5'9
Origin: U.K.
Bio: Whitty charmer from London. Knows how to work hard while bringing good vibes!

John Y

Height: 6'0
Origin: Nebraska
Bio: Outgoing actor with a southern charm. Great bartender!


Height: 6'0
Origin: NJ
Bio: Positive outlook & always improving his mind, body & spirit. Enjoys providing five star service.


Height: 6'0
Origin: UK
Bio: An experienced English bartender with a great personality to match.


Height: 5’11
Origin: California
Bio: Great personalty and presence, kind heart and helpful attitude.

Gavin M

Height: 6’1
Origin: California
Bio: Outgoing, charming, and well-spoken. Currently a lifestyle nutritionist.


Height: 6"1
Origin: San Diego
Bio: Badass Marine, Sommelier, mixologist, flair bartender, brand influencer.


Height: 6'2
Origin: Cali
Bio: Entertaining & outgoing mixologist / male model. Trained event captain.

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Height: 6'2
Origin: France
Bio: A French charmer with a delightful personality and a passionate love of kittens.


Height: 6'2
Origin: NY
Bio: Full-time model & part-time bartender with a friendly and fun character.


Height: 6'0
Origin: Charlotte, NC
Bio A kind Southern boy working hard to motivate, inspire, & spread positivity to anyone he comes across.


Height: 6"2
Origin: Algeria / Italy
Bio: Life of the party, outgoing, fun & entertaining model bartender.

Brandon K

Height: 5’9
Origin: Arizona
Bio: Kind, outgoing, and hardworking. Always happy and eager to help.

Josh R.

Height: 5'9
Origin: Spain/ New Zealand
Bio: Active, outgoing and witty. Always bringing pleasant fun vibes!


Height: 6'1
Origin: New York
Bio: Outgoing model and actor from the East Coast. Always ready to work at every event!


Height: 6'9
Bio: Los Angeles
Bio: Outgoing, witty and fun model bartender from Los angeles.



Height: 6’0
Origin: Milwaukee, WI
Bio: Actor, singer, model, dancer and bartender. Always professional, smiling and providing great service!


Height: 6"2
Origin: Michigan
Bio: Model, actor, personal trainer & life of the party. Great bartender.


Height: 5’11
Origin: Croatia
Bio: International model with an outgoing and upbeat personality.


Origin: France
Bio: Acrobat and martial artist & fluent in 5 languages & training in mixology.


Height: 6'0
Origin: Argentina
Bio: Active, outgoing and hardworking. Always going above and beyond!


Height: 5'9
Origin: Los Angeles
Bio: Brings life to the party and knows how to serve it! Los Angeles Mixologist.


Height: 6'2
Origin: California
Bio: Fit & active, experience with all types of events. Great attitude, funny & strong work ethic.