Special Events Staffing

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Finding the staff you want for your event

A successful event depends on the type of staff working and how well they interact and engage with your guests. Not only is the event staff the face of your event, they help create the party's vibe.

In most cases, staff is overlooked, which can unfortunately harm your event. Throwing events can be expensive. but cutting costs for quality staff costs you more in the long run if the result is an unsuccessful event. 
From our experience, here are a few tips to help you create the most successful event and some advice on what to avoid when hiring event staff:

Tip 1. Staff Selection Delay
Book in advance. Once you find a company that fits your needs and has positive customer reviews, contact the company right away to check their top staff’s availability. A crucial mistake anyone planning an event can make is waiting too long to make a choice. While there are a lot of options out there, shopping around for too long can result in the company's best staff being unavailable. To avoid this, book as far in advance as possible.

Tip 2. Event Image
Every event is different and every event staffing agency is different. The staff is the front line and face of your event. Often events become so large that some guests may not even be able to find the host. Having suitable event staff to help run the event while you're busy can have a huge impact on the image your guests perceives of the event.  

Tip 3. Team Consultation
When hiring multiple vendors such as bartenders, DJs & chefs from different companies, it’s important to introduce and consult all team members. Make sure to establish ground rules and sharing rules of the event space so all members can efficiently work together as a team and create a positive environment.

Tip 4. Understanding the Event Needs
Before speaking to any event companies, it’s important to know how many guests will attend, event duration, theme, type of audience that will be attending, amount of staff you will need, and the type of foods/beverages you would like to serve. Obtaining this information before contacting your vendors will save you going back and forth.

Tip 5. Vetting Event Staff Quality
Any event staffing agency can build a website and promise top quality service. However, there are a lot of unprofessional event staffing companies out there. Always check their Yelp/Google reviews and read the customers reviews. Next step is to speak over the phone directly to the person in charge of staff selection & allocation. Explain to them what you’re looking for, make sure they are confident that they can provide you exactly what you’re looking for. Never settle for anything less: It’s your event, it should be special, so if you feel their staff won’t add value to your event, find a company that will--they exist!

Tip 6. Bar Catering
Bar catering or portable bar service is one of the most convenient ways to hire a bartender for your party. Whether your party is in Los Angeles or the Hollywood Hills, getting all the necessary ingredients to have a full cocktail bar can take a lot of time away from you planning your event. Make sure the company has a mobile bar for rent along with open bar package options available so your bar can really stand out at the event! If you're looking to hire a mixologist, make sure the staffing agency has a craft cocktail bar catering option available.

Tip 7. Event Education
Educating your event staff on what the event is, the purpose, and schedule will allow them to effectively respond to your guest’s questions or concerns whenever needed.

Tip 8. Budget
All events should have some form of budget in place. If you are stuck on deciding between two staffing agencies and the better company is slightly over your budget, take a moment to think about the qualities of the two vetted staffing professionals. Most of the time the higher priced company is more expensive due to high demand and better-quality staff. If both companies are very similar and you are hiring more than 5 staff, contact your first choice to see if they could offer you a better price.

Tip 9. Job Description
Clearly defining each staff’s job description before the event will allow them to perform all their responsibilities the way you want. The more direction you give the staff at the beginning, the less you will have to micro manage, resulting in you spending more time enjoying your guests' company.

Tip 10. Appearance, Personality & Talent
Whether you’re looking to hire a bartender for a private party or hire a wedding bartender, appearance, personality & talent are the 3 key factors you should take into consideration when selecting your staff to create the atmosphere you envision. Once you select and hire the event staff, make sure you instruct the staffing agency on how you’d like the staff to dress to match the atmosphere.