Plan Your Perfect Party or Event in 10 Easy Steps



Planning a party or Event?

The easiest method to keep track of all tasks & steps needed to have a successful event is to make lists. Dividing your list into smaller lists allows you to focus and execute each list effectively.

Below is 10 lists to help you create your perfect event.

1. Theme list.

Pick a theme that suits the time of year & guest list You may be planning a costume party, backyard BBQ, a formal black tie party, a pool party or a charity event. Once you have picked your theme create a list that includes all the details that support your theme for i.e: props, outfits, unique food, special talent, decorations and props you will need to purchase or rent. For larger events you will need to further break this list down into more details as lists below. 

2. Budget list.

Write down the budget your willing to spend on your event. Begin by writing down the cost next to each item you will need to purchase in your theme list. Total all costs together & look for items or areas you can cut costs without neglecting your party theme. 

3. Invite list.

Who would you like to invite to your event? This lists consists of more than just guests, include attendees, vendors, bartenders, servers, party planners, performers, attendee's with + 1's and special talent i.e: gogo dancers, emcee's & DJ's

4. RSVP list.

This list is confirmation of all attendee's that are confirmed for your event. It is a great way to keep track of who is coming & will assist you in planning your food & beverage catering. 

5. Decoration list.

Include all of your decorations that you will need to create the perfect theme & environment for your event. I.e candles, streamers, table cloths, wall art, party favors? Do some research online of similar events, be creative when listing all of the decorations you would like to have at your event. 

6. Food and drink list.

List what food & beverage items you already have available and then list what items you will need to purchase or have catered. Depending on your budget having your food & beverage catered to your needs takes a lot of stress of you in the planning process and on the day of your event.  If you would like to have your event catered create a list of food items that you think will match your theme. If you have trouble thinking of what you should include in this list, do some research online or call a bartending or food catering company for assistance. 

7. Supplies list.

List all supplies & rentals you will need to pick up or have delivered. This list can include non f&B items such as forks, knives, plates, napkins, bowls, tape, cords, speakers, umbrellas, chairs, tables, trash bags.

8. Music playlist.

If your planning to bring in your own DJ or play DJ yourself its always a great idea to create a playlist ahead of time and have it ready for the day. 

9. Day-of-the-party/event to-do list.

This list is for the day of your event and will help you execute everything you need to do efficiently. Perhaps you will need to run down the street to pick up some catered food, last minute supplies, put up decorations, set up the party area or electrical supplies for event performers? 

10. Cleanup list

The final list is your clean up list. This helps you remember what rentals & items need to be returned,  trash that needs to be removed, pay outstanding balances associated with your event and everything that needs to be addressed to before you can relax!