Platinum Bartenders

"Only the Best for your Party"

Attractive, personable & talented event staff in Los Angeles


Bartender:                            $50 p/h (4hr minimum)
Barback:                               $40 p/h (4hr minimum
Server:                                  $50 p/h (4hr minimum)
Host:                                    $50 p/h (4hr minimum)
Flair Bartender:                     $80 p/h (4hr minimum)
Promo Models:                      $50 p/h (4hr minimum)
Models:                                 $50 p/h (4hr minimum)
Bikini Bartenders:                  $80 p/h (4hr minimum)
Shirtless Bartender:              $80 p/h (4hr minimum)
DJ:                                        $125 p/h (4hr minimum)
Celebrity DJ:                         $500 p/h & up (4hr min)
Bottle Service:                       $50 p/h (4hr minimum)
Costumed Bartenders:           $80 p/h (4hr minimum)
Body Painted Models:            $100 p/h (4hr minimum)
Body Painter:                         $150 per model (2 min)
Gogo Dancers:                       $300 flat 4 sets of 20 min
Photo Booth:                          $325 p/h (4hr minimum)
Fire Juggler:                           $1200 flat 4 sets of 20 min
Food Catering:                       Call for more info
Bar Catering:                          Call for more info
Influencer Model:                   Call for more info

Holiday Rates:                       25% Surcharge
July 1-5
Oct 26- Nov 1
Nov 25-28
Dec 20 to Jan 1

Last minute booking:               20% Surcharge         
(within 48hrs)

Event Insurance:

Liquor Liability Insurance

$250 (under 100 guests)
Event insurance, liquor liability insurance, retail liquor liability and host liability insurance. includes:
$2,000,000 General Aggregate
$1,000,000 Each Occurrence Includes Bodily Injury & Property Damage
$1,000,000 Personal and Adv. Injury
$5,000 Medical Expense (any one person)
$1,000 Deductible

Accessorial Charges:

Travel - IRS Travel reimbursement is applied to the invoice for venue's further than 20 miles from zip code 90019. Destination events must cover hotel,  airfare & transportation & a daily meal allowance.
Parking - Staff parking costs exceeding $5 will be applied to the invoice
Costumes - Costumes are provided by the client. We can arrange costumes for an additional fee
Last Minute - Rushed bookings made within 48hrs of the event start time incur an additional 20%

Service Areas:

Los Angeles, Orange County, Malibu, Thousand Oaks, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, San Diego, Las Vegas.