Platinum Bartenders

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Attractive, personable & talented event staff in Los Angeles

BARTENDERS - Click on photo for 2nd picture. Pick at least 3 per position.

Height: 5'10
Origin: Boston
Bio: A smart and hard working Bostonian with a terrific personality.

Height: 5'4
Origin: Canadian
Bio: She has an infectious personality both on stage and at your event.

Height: 5'2
Origin: Miami
Bio: A busy woman from the shores of Miami. she's a great bartender!


Height: 5'10
Origin: Australia
Bio: A high energy and interesting model / yoga instructor

Height: 5'1
Origin: Venice, CA
Bio: A spunky little fire ball.  She is an experienced bartender & life of the party.


Marinda K
Height: 5'11
Origin: Valley Village, CA
Bio: Model/Actress and experienced event bartender.

Height: 5'8
Origin: Oklahoma
Bio: A delight to have at any party, experienced and professional.

Sierra S
Height: 5"7
Origin: LA
Bio: Beautiful model experienced working in LA's finest nightclub establishments.

Maria S
Height: 5'7
Origin: Europe
Bio: World traveled bartender experienced serving A-list celebs.

Alex F
Height: 5'6
Origin: Los Angeles
Bio: Outgoing witty, model that brings life to every party!


Origin: Italian
Bio: Outgoing, sweet and fun. You may catch her working at one of LA's fine establishments!

Christina M
Height: 5'8
Bio: Actor/Model working in LA's most exclusive nightclubs. Catch her if you can!

Height: 5'8
Origin: Washington, DC
Bio: Delightful girl that brings pleasant vibes to every party she attends.

Height: 5'10
Bio: Fun, outgoing model who is the life of every party.

Height: 5'9
Origin: Los Angeles
Bio: Always smiling and socially engaging with our guests.


Height: 5'5
Origin: Miami
Bio: A friendly and talented bartender with over 7 years experience.

Height: 5"4
Origin: Santa Clarita, CA
Bio: A bubbly and outgoing bartender. She has a great attitude and is always smiling!


Height: 5'6
Origin: Brazil
Bio: Clients love Paula, shes always smiling & working hard!

Jennifer S
Height: 5'7
Origin: Cali
Bio: Enjoys healthy living while juggling acting, dancing, singing, modeling
& cooking!

Height: 5'7
Origin: Calabasas, CA
Bio: Beautiful actor/model catch her if you can!

Height: 5'9
Origin: Brazil
Bio: Brazilian fitness model that turns head
everywhere she goes!


Height: 5'4
Origin: West Virginia
Bio: Adventure seeker, Miss WV USA 2010. She is a bundle of fun!


Jessica V
Height: 5'8
Origin: California
Bio: Hollywood nightclub bartender and an absolute pleasure to work with!

Height: 5'9
Origin: Santa Monica
Bio: is a delightful actress & international
model from California

Height: 5"5
Origin: Los Angeles
Bio: An outgoing and witty bartender, soon to be doctor!

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Height: 5'6
Origin: Los Angeles.
Bio: The ultimate beach babe. She is hardworking with an engaging sense of fun!

Height: 5'3
Origin: New York
Bio: She brings bubbly sensations everywhere she goes.

Height: 5'8
Origin: California
Bio: Outgoing, with good knowledge of serving etiquette working from working at fine restaurants.


Height: 5'6
Bio: Always smiling, great actor, hardworking and outgoing!

Height: 5'4
Origin: Arizona
Bio: Beautiful, outgoing & fun. Experienced in LA's most exclusive clubs.

Brittany M
Height: 5'7
Origin: Philidelphia
Bio: Experienced model with a bubbly outgoing can do attitude!


Bio: World traveled passionate model. Enjoys exercising, staying fit & meeting new people!

Height: 5'9
Origin: Russia
Bio: Talented model with a bubbly and infectious personality.


Height: 5'9
Origin: Santa Monica, CA
Bio: Fun, witty, outgoing and full of character! Always bringing good vibes to the party.